I am a graduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

My program is Philosophy and Public Policy in which I focus on a range of policy areas, including health care, development, social security, and climate change. In addition, l engage with science policy topics like the nature of evidence, objectivity, and theory choice, and examine different approaches to the study of society such as rational, social, and public choice. My main interest is to help capture the benefits and mitigate the risks of artificial intelligence.

I founded NGO Effective Altruism Estonia to promote the mindset of using reason and evidence to do the most good with the limited resources available to us. Currently, I am an advisor to the new leaders of the movement in Estonia. In addition, I have been writing articles about existential risks, artificial intelligence safety, animal welfare, rationality, and happiness among other topics for various publications for several years. Before that, I worked for five years as a personal coach helping people improve their exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle habits.